The shop

Shop 8, 70-72 Pitt Road Curl Curl NSW 2099

Monday to Sunday  -  2pm to 9pm

Other places...


Dunes Restaurant, Palm Beach

LUHO restaurant, Crows Nest

The Cat's Meow, Surry  Hills

COOH restaurant, Alexandria

Barita's Lab, North Sydney

The Van

World  Food Market

Killarney Heights Oval

119 Starkey st, Killarney Heights NSW 2087

Fridays 18th & 25th Feb

 5pm to 9pm

John Fisher Park,

Abbott Rd  Curl curl

NSW 2096

Fridays 4th & 11th March

5pm to 9pm

Bondi Beach park

Campbell parade, Bondi

NSW 2026

12th and 13th march

Ocean lover festival

World  Food Market