Drilling offshore for fossil fuels will affect the sea, marine wildlife, our environment and it will affect our business too. Do you want to come enjoy an ice cream along a polluted and spoiled beach?

We know we don’t.

In partnership with Surfrider Foundation Australia, Pepita's are releasing 7 “Black” flavours over the next 3 months to help raise awareness of the offshore drilling proposal. 100% of their profits will go to support Surfrider Foundation and #STOPPEP11. People don’t know much about offshore drilling and the threat it poses. Many people have never heard of PEP11. We hope we can help Surfrider get more attention for the cause and get more people opposing the permit.

Want to know more about PEP11? Just Register one of the 3 virtual Townhall sessions, 17th,18th,19th August. 



Speakers include environmentalists such as Laura Wells, numerous MPs such as Zali Steggall, Dave Harma, Emma McBride, ThistlethWaites, Jason Falinski, Lucy Wicks as well as surfing legends and environmental protectors Layne Beachley, Ace Buchan, Belinda Baggs and Damien Cole. 


Black Lemon & Lime

It's what's on the inside that matters

You always connect flavour to colour when you go and get an ice cream. We wanted to grab people's attention by disrupting that. A black ice cream is a visual shock.
It's meant to get people talking about something that's putting our coastline and lifestyle at risk. Of course, we worked on the taste to keep it fresh and delicious.
It's even more surprising when the ice-cream is black.