All about fun ... and Ice cream of course !

Ice cream tastes like childhood , smells like holiday and takes you back to a time when nothing else mattered..

We wanted a gelato that could be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their dietaries, allergies or intolerances without compromising the taste. 

Our ice creams are Plant based  (DF, V, VG) & Gluten free.

Just grab a scoop and ENJOY ! 

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It's what's on the inside that matters

We make our Ice creams weekly with local ingredients.

We use fresh herbs, fruits (and veggies) to make our sorbets.

All of our ice creams are made from scratch, with a Coconut & Cashew base, 

and of course…lots of love and passion!

Melanie & Theo are both qualified pastry chefs, they love to play with flavours and experiment. (That's how we developed the Cucumber, Lime & Mint one !)

Drop us a note if you're dreaming of a flavour and it's not yet on the menu.